Rice in Ghana

DossierRice has become a major staple food in Ghana. When the NPP government took over in 2000 / 01, the Aveyami Rice project became a major topic with prosecutions of previous NDC officials. Recently many issues cropped up such as smuggling and the impact of government policies and actions.

Dossier SmallImport Duties

In 2008 certain duties on rice and other imported foodstuff were scrapped to help consumers in Ghana amidst the world food crisis. The NDC government re-introduced these duties in 2010. What are the implications? Follow this story here >>>

Dossier SmallRice Smuggling

Ghanaians have read with horror about the seemingly unchecked smuggling of rice from the Ivory Coast. What are the causes and implications? And is there more to this than meets the eye? Follow this unfolding story here >>>

Dossier SmallSupply and Demand

Ghana produces only 30 percent of  local demand. Importation of rice is therefore essential to provide food security. Yet, the Government of Ghana is “punishing” Ghanains by increasing rice prices through high import tariffs. This policy fs under investigation. >>>

Dossier SmallTariff Differentials

One of the major motivators for smuggling are high import tariffs, and more importantly high differences between neighbouring countries’ duties and taxes. In the rice sector a gap of 24.5 percent exists between import duties to Ghana (37%) and the Ivory Coast (12.5%) leading to massive smuggling on Ghana’s Western Border. More on this to come soon.   >>>

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